healthy stroke brain

Sam is a 46 year old. He and his 2nd wife Meg, have a total of 6 children between them. Sam and Meg have been avid motorcyclists for years, touring the countryside and involved in cross country rides with their adult children, other family and friends. Tragically, 4 yrs ago, Sam took a ride to the corner store to pick up a few items needed for dinner. He was cut off by a pickup truck and suffered a severe head injury which put him into a coma.

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He was eventually transferred to a sub-acute rehabilitation facility where he received top-notched rehabilitative care. After 6 months of therapy, it was time for him to come home and begin in-home therapy. He had limited recovery after returning home and consulted with his doctors at the SARF. They did some investigation and referred him to a clinic that combines both neurofeeback and counseling.

He and his wife entered counseling, both together and independently. The stress on a caregiver is, many times, overlooked. Sam began neurofeedback right away, following an assessment tool called the Quantitative EEG (qEEG) or Brain Map. 

After 3 months of neurofeedback, he began have more comfortable and deep sleep. Within 6 months, his memory and concentration improved significantly. And by 9 months, his balance and gait were so improved, he no longer needed his cane!

He continued on for another 5 months because his mood and emotions were beginning to stabilize in a way he had not experienced before. He was able to return to work, his marriage and relationships with his children were greatly improved, and he found motivation to find new, and for him, safer hobbies!

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