Peak Performance Training for Executives

What is Peak Performance?

Peak performance is the ability to perform at one’s optimum ability, both physically and mentally.

What is Peak Performance Training?

Peak Performance Training is training designed to help the individual gain improved performance in a chosen area, whether Athletics, the Arts and Artistic Expression, Business, or other areas where better-quality performance is desired. Neurofeedback therapy, which focuses directly on optimizing brain function, is very effective for Peak Performance Training. At Brain Changers, we begin with a qEEG, or Brain Map, to determine which areas of the brain need to be rebalanced for optimal or balanced performance. Once brain function has been optimized toward the norm or typical for healthy brain function, it can then be trained for “Peak Performance.”

Neurofeedback sessions for Peak Performance Training are then geared toward perfecting the way the brain integrates auditory, visual, and other incoming sensory information. This additional training further increases neuroplasticity, which encourages quicker response times and enhances the ability for more accurate decision making. Essentially, greater neuroplasticity, produced by neurofeedback, creates more finely tuned “muscle memory,” reinforcing the idea that “neurons that fire together, wire together.

Peak Performance for Executives

Neurofeedback assists Executives in attention distribution and arousal (focus) control, enhancing self confidence, which accurately and productively contributes to their performance.

I found that using neurofeedback allowed me to make changes in the way I worked that I didn’t believe were possible. I felt I could put myself in the state sports professionals describe as ‘in the Zone’. You are right there, entirely focused on the task, but also relaxed. The first time I managed it, I was negotiating a $100 M acquisition merger and I got so clear about what I had to do.

Fred Rockwell

Former CEO, Hillenbrand Industries

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