Many children and teens struggle with mental health issues which can make traditional education a daily burden that aggravates symptoms. As the mother of a daughter who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 9th grade, I know all too well the stress of worrying about a child’s physical and mental health while trying to meet the attendance and academic requirements of the school, district, and state.

When brain function is out of balance, the chemicals produced in the brain are also out of sync. Children and teens who deal with anxiety, depression, learning disability, ADHD, behavioral disorder, or any disorder that involves brain function may have to work very hard to accomplish even the simplest of activities. This is because the brain is working so laboriously to perform daily tasks.

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Traditional education has rigorous expectations with regard to time structure, behavior, academic requirements, and socially accepted norms. This is understandable, given the federal and state requirements for students, teachers, and the education facility as a whole.

Transformative education refers to education that falls outside of the normal expectations typically found in most public and private schools. Because transformative education allows for flexibility in scheduling and academic requirements, it can be very beneficial for students who struggle in the traditional school.

Two Examples of Transformative Education

The MorningStar Academy is an online, private Christian school that is fully accredited. Students have access to a virtual teacher for help, they are required to complete daily assignments, and grades are based upon individual assignments and evaluations.  This type of setting is ideal for the student who requires multiple breaks during the day or who otherwise needs flexibility in their school schedule. The child who is in treatment for depression or anxiety may find this setting to be very advantageous while focusing on improving mental health.

Fusion Academy, with campuses in both North Dallas and Plano, is an accredited, non-traditional private school for grades 6-12. This school offers students the opportunity to learn on their terms, on their schedule, and in their learning style in a one-to-one classroom. Although classes are one-to-one, there are numerous daily opportunities for students to interact socially. This learning environment is ideal for the student who has difficulty meeting the expectations of the traditional classroom. A teen with behavioral disorder or ADHD may find they can focus better with fewer distractions. Additionally, the anxiety for a teen with a learning disability may be diffused and self-confidence boosted in a classroom where curriculum is geared toward individual strengths and interests.

Brain Changers

Brain Changers is committed to helping children, teens, and adults who deal with depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning disability, behavioral disorder, and other brain function issues. We work with families who are caught in the quandary of balancing their child’s physical and emotional health needs with the very real necessity for their child to receive a quality education.

Through neurofeedback and counseling, we help clients and families regain control of their thoughts and behaviors. Treatment is proven, non-invasive, and does not involve medication.

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