autism: autism touches hearts and lives

ASD: Different, not Less

There has been much research done over the past 20 years on Autism, PDD, and Asperger’s. These conditions bear many similarities, yet they each have some significant distinguishing characteristics, as well. Recently, the medical world has begun to group these disorders under the heading of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Consider the number of children diagnosed in America; these children have parents, siblings, and extended family. These children and families interact daily with many others in society through school, work, church, social organizations, and day-to-day activities.

Dr. Temple Grandin’s mother coined the phrase, “Different, Not Less” in reference to her daughter who was autistic. The impact and blessing of Temple Grandin’s life and legacy has touched millions! Spend a few minutes with a family member of someone diagnosed with autism, and you will note the respect, love, and pride they exude when talking about their loved one with this condition!

While I was with Dallas Brain Changers, I spoke with a woman in our building named Shannon. Shannon’s nephew, Brandon, is 15 years old. Diagnosed at an early age, Brandon’s family was uncertain as to what the future held. Through love, acceptance, and persistence, he continues to flourish. Today, Brandon attends a public high school where he touches lives every day, he plays the pipe organ on Sundays for the congregation at his church, and he enjoys a full, rich life where he is both blessed and a significant blessing to others!

Each of us was created to interact and make a difference in this world. We are all different, yet not one of us is less important than another! As we learn to appreciate and respect this truth, the lives of those diagnosed with ASD and the lives of those with whom they interact will flourish beyond what was once thought imaginable!

Brain Changers enjoys the privilege of walking alongside numerous families who have a family member with ASD. Neurofeedback is a very effective form of therapy that compliments and works in conjunction with other therapies to enhance the potential for those struggling with this disorder. By increasing the brain’s ability to relax, clients with ASD have an increased capacity for success. Ongoing research continues to indicate both children and adults with ASD show significant improvements in communication, cognitive function, and interpersonal relationships with neurofeedback therapy. Regardless of where on the autism spectrum the diagnosed client is today, studies consistently support a 40-70% improvement in overall functioning for those who undergo neurofeedback therapy! This is exciting news!
ASD children and adults are different, not less. And now, like those without this disorder, these individuals have an even greater opportunity to become all they were created to become!

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