Is it ADD (AD/HD)?

Do you struggle to maintain concentration? Do you feel restless and antsy when you have to sit still? Are you incredibly unorganized or easily sidetracked? Have you thought or has someone else ever told you they thought you have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)?

Neurofeedback is Effective Treatment for ADHD!

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There are a number of other disorders that may present like AD/HD. If someone is dealing with depression, anxiety, behavioral disorder, or learning disability, to name a few, it is not uncommon for the symptoms to mimic those of ADHD. All of these disorders, including AD/HD, are related to brain function; thus, it is imperative to determine the root causes for symptoms before beginning effective treatment.

Do I or my child have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)?

At Brain Changers, we utilize a continuous performance Attention Deficit Disorder Test to conclude if ADHD is primarily responsible for the symptoms and to help us determine the severity of the disorder. This test, also used by the US Army, has been deemed 92% accurate in diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder. It is a non-invasive, computerized test that we administer in our office. Clients are given a Clinician’s Summary of Analysis before their first Neurofeedback session.

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The results of this performance test are used in conjunction with the qEEG or Brain Map, to help us determine exactly which areas of the brain are either overactive or underactive. The qEEG is a non-invasive test that is performed in the office. Analyzing the results of both tests together gives the provider a clear picture as to what is going on in the brain that may be responsible for symptoms. Clients are given a full-page color synapsis of their brain map before their first neurofeedback session.

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Brain Changers walks alongside the client and family as we attempt to pinpoint the cause of symptoms, develop a treatment plan toward improved health and wellness, and support the client and family throughout the healing process with neurofeedback and counseling. Results are lasting, and most often, clients are medication free by the time the finish treatment!


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