Peak Performance Training for Athletes

Anyone who wants to optimize the quality of brain functioning to improve their ability to achieve their goals can benefit from neurofeedback. Peak performance, Optimal Performance or Peak Achievement training is now being used by teams in the NFL, PGA and Major League Baseball, as well as Olympic athletes who want to maintain that winning edge.

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Additionally, Executives seeking mastery of creativity and vision are turning to neurofeedback to strengthen performance, and students and scholars who suffer from test anxiety or a need to increase cognitive flexibility seek neurofeedback for improved academic performance.

Utilizing Neurofeedback with the goal of peak performance begins with a Quantitative EEG (qEEG) or Brain Map. This assessment tool gives the clinician a snapshot image of what is going on in the brain, isolating brain waves that need to be brought into alignment for optimal performance.

Peak Performance for:



Artists and Performers

Students and Scholars

A few of the benefits experienced are increased focus and concentration, better self- awareness, reduction in numbers of errors, more efficient memory, better mind/body integration, stronger immune system, improved ability to deal with stress, increased productivity, and decrease in anxiety, to name a few.

How Can Brain Changers Help?

Brain Changers utilizes neurofeedback to help clients achieve peak performance.  With these tools, our clients improve cerebral neuroplasticity, which improves the ability for physical and mental mastery and offers a foundation for improving processing and cognitive abilities.

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