Treatment Without Medication!

Neurofeedback, in conjunction with counseling and life coaching, offers an integrative approach to healing that has been proven effective and offers the client hope without medications. We begin with a qEEg, or Brain Map, to give practitioners a clear picture of what is going on in the brain that may be causing or aggravating symptoms. This assessment measures brain function in 19 different sites of the brain to determine which brain waves in specific areas of the brain may be out of balance. The results of the qEEG are then analyzed, and an individualized treatment plan for neurofeedback is developed.

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A form of biofeedback, Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy or EEG biofeedback, uses realtime displays of brain waves to illustrate brain activity, with the goal of controlling central nervous system activity. Sensors are placed on the scalp to measure brain activity, and the Neurofeedback therapist monitors the brain waves while the client watches a movie. The client hears a beep and the movie is bright when the brain waves function where the thresholds have been set. The brain responds to this feedback as a reward, and through operant conditioning, it learns and adjusts to function at a more optimum rate.

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In study after study, neurofeedback promises some of the most encouraging results of any treatment for many conditions, including autism, AD/HD, anxiety/depression, migraine, sleep disorders, and many others. This treatment is non-invasive and offers the client an opportunity to significantly reduce or diminish symptoms without medication. Additionally, many symptoms never return and such cases there is no need for ongoing treatment once symptoms are gone!

At Brain Changers we offer an approach that actively involves the client in the process. We recognize that our clients are often searching for wellness choices without medication. We offer them an option which empowers them toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We do more than just treat symptoms; our goal with each client is to listen, set goals toward improved health, and to work with them to achieve the optimal results. We also partner with our clients’ physician when necessary, as one of the goals is for clients to taper off medications.

While the brain is healing through neurofeedback, we have counseling sessions with our clients to discuss changes taking place and to address any associated behaviors, thought patterns, or issues that could otherwise hinder improvements. As we draw closer to the end of neurofeedback treatment, we utilize hemispheric life coaching to look toward the future, involving both hemispheres of the brain to utilize optimal decision-making skills.

The Dallas Brain Changer approach provides an option that effectively offers healing, hope, and a brighter future! When a client finishes treatment, he/she is healthy, empowered, and prepared to walk into the future with improved health and a greater sense of wellness.

Get started today on your way to health!