When attending a meeting with our child’s 1st grade teacher, we were told that it appears there was some sort of learning disability. All I could think was, “No. Not again.” She was our youngest and our fifth child to be told this.

We knew all too well the struggles that come from dyslexia & ADD. All of our children were tested and were found to have a high IQ, but they all had dyslexia. Dyslexia, outwardly, may look very different from a high IQ. No amount of accommodations make up for the high level of frustration these children deal wtih every day.

I had been told about neurofeedback. I did some research and found Brain Changers. I called and talked with Dr. McClung. She was very helpful, informative, and kind.

It was a big decision, as we live two hours away.  They worked with us on appointment times, and they were very accommodating.

Our child is now reading on her own and doing homework by herself. Her teacher was amazed at her progress. Before neurofeedback, our daughter was extremely shy. Now, she has been in school plays and is cheerful and outgoing.

I really like the fact about no harmful medication and no bad side effects. It was the best decision for our child. It’s well worth the investment in anyone’s life.

Jeannie Mars, mother of 7 year old