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Adults and Children:

Brain Changers utilizes an integrated approach toward health and healing that includes neurofeedback, Christian counseling, and Hemispheric life coaching. Brain Changers provides counseling to Christians and non-Christians, alike; Biblical emphasis is applied when counseling Christians.

Utilizing an integrated approach, counseling and life coaching are combined to encourage healing from acute and long-term symptoms with an emphasis on assisting our clients in achieving improved physical, emotional, and Spiritual health.  Counseling sessions with Brain Changers are goal-oriented and directly related to brain function and healthy changes occurring during neurofeedback sessions.

One of the goals of many clients is to reduce medication or become medication free. As a part of our integrated aproach, we collaborate with client physicians to develop the most effective plan for medication titration. We can also provide referrals to physicians who understand neurofeedback and will assist in the titration process.

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Brain Changers is unique in their integrated approach, in that we collaborate with the school system, including teachers, diagnosticians, administration, special education and 504 staff, and TEA (Texas Education Agency). Additionally, we assist families in finding alternative avenues of education when deemed necessary, including structured, effective homeschool options or private schools.

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Although counseling sessions may be reimbursed by your insurance carrier, Brain Changers is not associated with insurance companies, and we do not file insurance paperwork for you. We supply receipts and documentation with the appropriate CPT codes for your sessions that will assist you in filing with your insurance provider.

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