Christian Counseling & Therapy | Brain Changers

Brain Changers provides counseling to Christians and non-Christians, alike; Biblical emphasis is applied when counseling Christians. Counseling sessions are goal-oriented and toward developing healthier thought and behavior patterns as clients gain increased focus and relaxation in neurofeedback sessions.

Brain Changers is unique in its integrated approach when working with students, in that we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the school system, including teachers, diagnosticians, administration, special education and 504 staff, and TEA (Texas Education Agency) when appropriate toward treatment goals. Additionally, we assist families in finding alternative avenues of education when deemed necessary, including structured, effective home school options or private schools.

Benefits of Christian Counseling

  • Improvements are seen more rapidly than with traditional therapy
  • Practical goals are set and applied
  • Self-awareness is more readily achieved
  • Willingness to change is greatly improved
  • Difficult issues become manageable
  • Emotional and Spiritual goals are set and met