25 03, 2014

Peak Performance Testimonial from Producer and Creator of “Cheaters”

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I’m Bobby Goldstein, Executive Producer and creator of Cheaters and the CEO of an independent oil and gas exploration company. I am also the father of 7 children!
I stumbled upon neurofeedback to assist a loved one with an alcohol problem and noticed that neurofeedback was also used for athletes and high energy business people (Peak Performance Training). I’ve alway had a need to improve performance and focus, so I thought I’d give neurofeedback a try.
I’ve recently completed a 100 session treatment and am happy to report to you how effective and helpful it has been. I can now do things that I always thought impossible – participating in a long conversation without the ADHD type tendencies I’ve long had, and I can read a book from start to finish without having to constantly start over. I’ve always had a high productivity quotient, but since neurofeedback, it seems that all of what I do is completed with less struggle and much more ease.
The staff at Brain Changers suggested that much of the good I report was achievable, but of course, I was skeptical. My performance continues to improve several months after my last session. Stephanie and Mindy, at Brain Changers, are solid, experienced professionals who understand the human condition and how to treat it with this advanced application.
If you suffer from any of the conditions listed on Brain Changers website or just want to improve your game, whatever it may be, you would penny wise and pound foolish not to utilize this service. I highly recommend it and know you will, too, once you’ve completed the recommended protocols.
Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any of my [...]

18 03, 2014

Parent Testimonial for Brain Changers

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I’m am so excited to have found Stephanie and Mindy!!!
After 10 years of searching for an effective treatment for my son ( now 15 in 9th grade) I found Brain Changers! Today I went to my son’s parent – teacher conferences and for the first time in his school career, I came out with a smile!!!
Words cannot express my gratitude to Brain Chahngers for giving my son a drug free, permanent solution to his emotional and behavioral issues. They treat the root cause of his issues and today every single teacher noticed positive changes after just one month of treatments. We still have a long way to go but I’ve never experienced such results.
My son had previously been in two different inpatient residential treatment programs for 18 months and 12 months respectively with no real success. He was diagnosed with AD/HD, conduct disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Our family has had YEARS of frustration and despair.
Finally I see a light at the end of the tunnel. His brain map (qEEG) clearly showed the source of the problem. Literally one month later my child has is noticeable calmer, more compliant, laughing more and is more confident in school.
Thanks to Brain Changers, I know he will be a successful, fully functioning member of society. Stephanie and Mindy are a loving and caring team of professionals!
Thank you both for giving my family the much needed hope and true tangible results.
Kimela Robertson
Fairview, Texas

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11 03, 2014

Testimonial for Effective Depression Treatment

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I would not be in the positive place I am now if it weren’t for the treatment offered at Brain Changers. Before, I was a miserable toad of a person. Always angry and depressed, I didn’t let anything positive in my life for years and years. Pills only worked for a little while with negative side effects. Then I went through a divorce. People told me to get over it and just choose to be happy. I wanted to, but couldn’t. I was truly stuck. As for letting God in? Forget about it. It turns out I had a low voltage brain and produced none of the brain chemicals necessary to be happy. Treatment with neurofeedback completely changed me. I can now choose to be happy and have renewed my faith which has made my treatment advance much faster. I urge you to try this treatment. It will change your life. I promise.


19 11, 2013

Testimonial: Dyslexia and ADHD

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When attending a meeting with our child’s 1st grade teacher, we were told that it appears there was some sort of learning disability. All I could think was, “No. Not again.” She was our youngest and our fifth child to be told this.

We knew all too well the struggles that come from dyslexia & ADD. All of our children were tested and were found to have a high IQ, but they all had dyslexia. Dyslexia, outwardly, may look very different from a high IQ. No amount of accommodations make up for the high level of frustration these children deal wtih every day.

I had been told about neurofeedback. I did some research and found Brain Changers. I called and talked with Dr. McClung. She was very helpful, informative, and kind.

It was a big decision, as we live two hours away.  They worked with us on appointment times, and they were very accommodating.

Our child is now reading on her own and doing homework by herself. Her teacher was amazed at her progress. Before neurofeedback, our daughter was extremely shy. Now, she has been in school plays and is cheerful and outgoing.

I really like the fact about no harmful medication and no bad side effects. It was the best decision for our child. It’s well worth the investment in anyone’s life.

Jeannie Mars, mother of 7 year old

2 08, 2012

Testimonial: ADD (AD/HD)

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“Brain Changers changed my life. I am a college student with ADHD, and for as long as I can remember, focusing has always been an issue, whether it be writing papers or trying to read. After 50 sessions of neurofeedback, I have seen outstanding results. No longer do I struggle with focusing on reading. As a matter of fact, I just recently finished my second book this month! This is a rarity, considering my past reading habits included only books required for my classes. Mindy and Stephanie were friendly, inviting, and fun to be around. The atmosphere they provide is fantastic; you feel right at home as soon as you sit in your chair to start treatment. I enjoyed my time there immensely. Sometimes I wish they hadn’t done such a wonderful job of treating me so that I could go back for a few more sessions!”
-Dax C, age 19

How Did Brain Changers Help?
Brain Changers offers Neurofeedback and Christian Counseling. Each of these modalities can be done independently, but the greatest benefit comes from a combination of therapies toward improved health and wellness.
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16 12, 2011

Video Testimonial: ADD (AD/HD) and Behavioral Disorder

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Video Testimonial: ADHD and Behavioral Disorder
Listen as a 7 year old clients’ mother shares how neurofeedback helped her daughter’s ADHD and behavior problems at home and at school!

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13 12, 2011

Video Testimonial: Anxiety and Depression

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Listen as a 20 year old Brain Changers client shares the benefits of neurofeedback for her anxiety and depression!
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13 12, 2011

Testimonial: Anxiety and Depression

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“I began neurofeedback therapy with Brain Changers in July. I had just gotten home from a six-week-long theater intensive, and my brain was fried. Over the past couple of years my anxiety and depression had become worse and worse, and the stress from being in such an intense program finally sent me over the edge. I found myself unable to deal with present stresses and feeling pretty much terrible all the time. It was like in my heart I didn’t feel okay, no matter what my head was trying to tell me. I would call my mom often feeling just terrible, often for no valid reason, and yet it felt like my world was closing in on me. Finally, she said that I NEEDED to get help for my anxiety with neurofeedback; it was that or medication. At first, I was hesitant because really, who wants to spend a short summer break in therapy. I mean, I was just in such a rut that I could barely see my own need for treatment. But as most moms have a way of doing—she convinced me to go. And I am so glad that she did! After six weeks of neurofeedback, I felt like a new person. It literally changed my life around. Whereas before I always felt unfocused, anxious, or depressed, neurofeedback helped me learn to focus better and handle those high-stress situations with more clarity. The accompanying Christian counseling helped me to refocus emotionally and spiritually on what is most important. It is a long road I am on, but after only a couple months of neurofeedback I became equipped with the tools I need to be a healthier me.”
Julia G, age 20

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13 12, 2011

Testimonial: Migraines, ADD, OCD

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“Since beginning neurofeedback with Brain Changers, I have seen many improvements in my health. Before treatment, I had struggled with chronic migraines, nerve pain, and asthma since I was a young child. A few years ago, a medication the doctors had me on caused what they believe was a neurological attack on my frontal lobe. This caused a host of issues to begin and spiral out of control.  I began battling intense migraines several times a week, and my memory was so bad that I often had trouble remembering what I did the day before! I also struggled with chronic pain, nerve pain, OCD, ADD, and general fatigue, malaise, and moodiness after this frontal lobe issue. I have been homeschooled for three years due to the health issues I have battled. I have been in neurofeedback treatment and counseling with Brain Changers for several months. Now, my migraines occur only a few times a month and they do not last for long periods of time, and although my memory issues are not completely resolved, I have very few incidents these days! Additionally, my OCD and ADD are significantly better, and my moodiness, nerve pain, and fatigue are greatly improved. I have the energy to workout at the gym a few times a week, and I look forward to going off to college in the fall!”

Sylvia, age 17
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13 12, 2011

Testimonial: Depression and Anxiety

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“Through my continued therapy, counseling, and neurofeedback sessions with Brain Changers, I have been able to see the walls of depression crumble and have seen my anxiety significantly reduced. Stephanie and Mindy have given me the tools I need to effectively deal with past issues and potential situations that may arise, so I can enjoy a healthy and happy life. I have come to a more secure place in my life, and know I would be welcomed back at any time for help with future issues.”

Susan B, age 32
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