Healing from stroke

At age 55, Albert was married with 2 grown children and 1 grandchild. He was fairly active and relatively healthy, except that he had developed hypertension over the last 10 years. He exercised and modified his diet somewhat, but he wasn’t too concerned, as he did not have a family history of problems in this area.

However, one evening at supper, he began to “feel funny.” He looked to his wife, and she appeared he recalls seeing a look of shock on her face. She called 911 Emergency, and he was taken to the hospital. After the evaluation, he was told that he had experienced a stroke. He suffered from hesitant speech, word finding difficulty, paraphasia, difficulty focusing his right eye, poor short term memory, lack of balance and coordination, anxiety, depression, and poor concentration.

He was on medications and went to rehabilitative therapy for a few months. He did improve somewhat. But after one year he seemed to have reached a plateau in his recovery. So he began searching for other treatments finding research articles on neurofeedback and stroke symptoms.

Albert was given a qEEG or Brain Map which determined where the damage was in his brain and dictated the treatment protocols. After 8 months of neurofeedback and counseling, his improvement was evident in speech fluency, word finding, attention, concentration, coordination and balance. His anxiety and depression were also greatly reduced. He was able to resume a lifestyle relatively close to what he had experienced before the stroke.

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