28 year old Larry experienced his first two seizures as a child. His parents took him to the doctor but they were told he would “grow out of it” and they were to watch and wait. Until he was in college heading to play a baseball game, he had no further problems. This particular day, he ended up in the hospital and was told he had experienced a grand mal seizure. He began to have these seizures more often which concerned him and his family. He then went the rounds of neurologists, MRI’s, medications with a final diagnosis of Epilepsy. Although the medications worked to some degree, he did not like some of the side effects. The frequency of the episodes decreased a somewhat, but not to his satisfaction.

Larry decided to go back to school and studied neurobiology where he discovered neurofeedback. He began treatments involving neurofeedback and counseling, and within a few months he was seeing great improvement in the frequency of his seizures. He began to slowly work with the Neurofeedback therapist, counselor, and his doctor to wean off his medications. After 9 months, he no longer has seizures, nor is he on any medications. He regained his drivers license and has will soon be graduating to begin practicing as a Neurofeedback therapist.

Of course, not every patient who undergoes neurofeedback training can be promised these results. However, we do find improved outcomes in approximately 85 to 90 percent of our clients. Consistency in treatment and a positive attitude are important for success.

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