Celina was an aspiring olympic gymnast living in southern California during her teen years. She used to take regular trips further south in California for fun with friends. On this particular trip, she and her friends were robbed and taken hostage to a location where they were held for a lengthy period of time. She experienced and witnessed some terrible things during this period before her parents and the police were able to rescue them.

Do I have PTSD?

Upon her return, she had nightmares and turned to drugs and alcohol to ease her symptoms. Her parents sent her to a number of treatment facilities where she finally became clean and sober, but she continued to have nightmares and recurring thoughts of what happened to her during her ordeal.


She began looking for solutions and came upon information about neurofeedback and the effectiveness on PTSD. She began with a regime of neurofeedback and counseling and after about 3 months, her nightmares were less frequent. Within 6 months her startle reflex was all but gone. After a year in treatment she no longer has recurring thoughts of the event, her nightmares have gone and her sobriety is much more comfortable.

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