Suzanne had been diagnosed by her psychiatrist as having Bipolar Disorder. She had tried numerous medications for years, but was unable to find the right combinations. She had sleep medications for her manic phase and anti-depressants for the depression phase, what she called “the crash”. She began finding it more and more difficult to work, and she eventually had to get a job from home working on the computer doing phone sales.

Do I have Bipolar Disorder?

She felt as though her life were coming unraveled. Then, during one of her manic periods and after cleaning the house till 3am, she was searching online and found information about Neurofeedback. She took this information to her psychiatrist who was supportive in helping her find a provider near her.

Since she was working from home, she was able to begin intensive neurofeedback treatments daily along with counseling sessions. Eventually, as she began to feel her mood swings getting “under control”, she was able to go back to work part time. After about 8 months of treatment, she is now working full time and will be ending her neurofeedback treatments very shortly. Additionally, we worked with her psychiatrist, and she is almost off all her medications.

After living 30 years with her disorder, she finally found an effective treatment regime that would eventually end, allowing her to live her life fully.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has Bipolar Too?

Of course, not every patient who undergoes neurofeedback training experiences this drastic of a change. However, at Brain Changers, we find improved outcomes in approximately 85 to 90 percent of our clients. Consistency in treatment and a positive attitude are important tools for success.

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