Charles is a 25 year old male who has been in and out of jail since he was 15 years old. He was adopted by relatives by the age of 5 from his abusive parents. As a child he had seen many psychiatrists’ and had been prescribed a myriad of medications. Along with attachment disorder, he also suffered from depression, anxiety and AD/HD.

His probation officer was familiar with neurofeedback and suggested to him and his adoptive relatives that he begin counseling sessions along with neurofeedback. Initially he was reluctant because he had not been successful with any other therapies. But after almost a year of treatment, he has had no temper outbursts or oppositional tendencies and he is dealing with his problems in a verbally appropriate manner. His concentration has improved and he no longer has problems with the law. He is now able to hold down a good job and he gets along with his co-workers and employer.

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