Kathy was a vibrant 47 year old who loved to play tennis and run weekly. One day 20 years earlier while running, she tripped over a broken piece of concrete twisting her body and tearing the ACL in her knee. It took about a year to heal, but the pain never went away. It began to spread over her body into her back, shoulders, neck and even all over her legs.

She went to many different medical specialists and regularly went to the chiropractor and an acupuncturist. She knew there was something else wrong, but she couldn’t figure it out. She finally went to an doctor who told her she had Fibromyalgia. He also explained to her that she was also suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of the widespread pain and physical fatigue to her body. He suggested a nutritionist, counseling and neurofeedback.

After about 4 months, she began to feel changes in her body, she could sleep better and the intensity of the pain was not as intense. After 10 months, she feels as though she has her life back. She began to play tennis again and do things she never thought possible after so many years. She is no longer in intensive neurofeedback and counseling therapy, rather, she comes in for intense sessions once every 3 months. She feels this is keeping her body emotionally and physically in the best shape she can in the event of any other similar accident.

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