David was a 13-year old boy with academic skills one to two years below grade level who was diagnosed with ADD and was classified as disruptive and oppositional in the classroom. Wanting to avoid medication, the family chose nuerofeedback therapy. Within six months of neurofeedback therapy, David, his family, and the school personnel recognized many positive changes! Read the ADD (AD/HD) Case Study here!

Anxiety Disorder Case Study

A 45 year old female presented with complaints of moderate to severe depression, anxiety, confusion, fear, short-term memory loss, dysarticulation and difficulty concentrating. After neurofeedback therapy, she reported that her depression had lifted, she was able to manage work and personal responsibilities with more calm and confidence, and she felt grounded and centered. Read the Anxiety Disorder Case Study here!

Asperger’s Case Study

This case involves a young man who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 8, but did not receive treatment until age 18. Following a number of neurofeedback  and counseling sessions, he began to smile, discern the meaning of words previously difficult for him and to become generally more sociable. Read the Asperger’s Case Study here!

Autism Case Study

This autistic 11 year old boy had extensive occupational and physical therapies before being referred for neurofeedback and counseling. Several months later, his aggression was decreasing, and he had more control over his emotions and behavior. Even his siblings were beginning to want to be involved with him in a more meaningful way. Read Autism Case Study here!

Behavioral Disorder Case Study

A 15 year old male who was a gang member was ordered to undergo neurofeedback and counseling for Behavioral Disorder. His presenting symptoms/problems included: probation, anger, marijuana use, sugar cravings (after smoking marijuana), large appetite, severe allergies and asthma, frequent illnesses, fatigue, bruxism, and nightmares since he was five years old. Through neurofeedback therapy, he lost his cravings for marajuana, gained control over his anger, and changed his outlook on life. Read the Behavioral Disorder Case Study here!

Depression Case Study

This case involves a 37 year old female who, along with depression was suffering from poor sleep, mood fluctuations and some rage. She had near panic levels of anxiety and was losing motivation in her life. She entered into a program combining neurofeedback and counseling. Early into her treatment she began to feel a little less emotional. Toward the end of treatment she felt as though she were finally “stable”.  To make sure she did not return to her former “instability”, she continued neurofeedback a few months longer. She is not stress and depression free. Read Depression Case Study here!

Learning Disability Case Study

This case involved a sixteen year old female who, as reported by her parents, was diagnosed with more than one learning disability, and was struggling with cognitive and behavioral challenges that included ADD (AD/HD) symptoms, auditory processing problems, Dyslexia, and experimenting with drugs. By the end of neurofeedback therapy, grades in all subjects went up, learning disability symptoms diminished, she was able to stop taking ADD medication, and she was a happier teen. Read the Learning Disability Case Study here!

Migraine Case Study

This case involved a 41-year-old female who was disabled and struggling with chronic migraines (averaging a migraine every 8 days since college), resulting in depression, anxiety disorder, and poor concentration. By the time she completed neurofeedback therapy, her migraines were greatly reduced, depression had diminished, she was less anxious, and she returned to full-time employment. Read the Migraine Case Study here!

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Case Study 

This person was a long time sufferer of PTSD, anxiety, depression and eventually developed OCD. She actually stumbled upon neurofeedback as a treatment and added that to her counseling sessions. By the time her treatment ended, she was medication free and even had people on the street stop her and tell her how young she looked. Read the OCD Case Study here!

Rage Case Study 

This case involved a man who stated he constantly dealt with rage, was running on “pure fear,” and at the “end of his rope”. His marriage was a disaster and he had few to no friends left. In searching for answers, he discovered neurofeedback and counseling as an integrated approach to his problems. After 7 months of treatment, he found himself thinking of others, more compassionate, less lonely. His marriage improved and he no longer had the “smell of fear” around him. Read the Rage Case Study here!