Carbohydrates and the Brain

There is a direct link between carbohydrates and the brain. We need carbohydrates; they act as brain fuel! Glucose forms in the body with the breakdown of carbohydrates. The brain needs glucose to perform properly, as it is the only sugar that feeds it. To function effectively, your brain cells need twice the fuel that other cells in your body require. Thus, a low carbohydrate diet could actually deplete this organ of much needed fuel!

 Food and Depression: You Are What You Eat!

Some carbohydrates are good for you, and some have a negative effect on the body and brain. Complex carbohydrates are like clean fuel; they feed the brain with natural sugar found in the healthier foods that we eat, including nuts, legumes, and fruits/vegetables. They are made of long chains of sugar molecules that slowly break down in the liver to the shorter glucose molecules the brain uses for fuel. Thus, complex carbohydrates work in the body more like a time-release capsule of sugar. These carbohydrates can have a positive effect on energy, focus, ability to process information and perform cognitive tasks, and they can boost mood!

Simple carbohydrates are found in sugary foods, including sodas, candy, and fruit juices. Consuming simple carbohydrates can be equated to taking an injection of sugar. These carbohydrates are found in most processed or refined foods, although they are also found in some natural foods. They have short-chained sugar molecules that breakdown quickly, thus they enter the bloodstream quickly. Sugary foods like soda, candy, fruit juices, honey, and corn syrup, are directly absorbed through the stomach wall; then, they rapidly release into the bloodstream, almost as quickly as if they were delivered by a syringe. Simple carbohydrates can exacerbate aggression and rage in children and adults with Behavioral Disorders, increase hyperactivity and inattentiveness in those with AD/HD, and increase symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. Even someone without neurological issues can experience the crash that occurs after a “sugar high”!

How Can Brain Changers Help?

We believe it is important to address physical, emotional, and Spiritual health with our clients. As brain function improves with neurofeedback, clients address unhealthy thought and behavior patterns and set goals toward healthier thinking and behaving. By the end of treatment, our clients are off most or all of their medication, and they are stronger in body, mind, and Spirit.

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