Conduct disorder is a type of behavioral disorder. It can be divided into two sub-categories: childhood-onset and adolescent-onset. Childhood onset is found more frequently in males, and it often involves physical aggression beginning at a young age. Traditional treatment involves counseling and behavior modification, with medication to treat associated disorders. Unfortunately, these treatments are highly ineffective with childhood onset, and many of these children will develop antisocial personality disorder as adults. Neurofeedback has been found to be a promising form of treatment for this disorder, as it actually changes the brain waves patterns associated with this behavior disorder.

Adolescent-onset conduct disorder occurs when a child moves from oppositional defiant disorder and/or other significant behavior issues at or around age 10. Without appropriate treatment, these children are at significant risk for illegal and dangerous behavior. With appropriate and effective intervention, including neurofeedback, adolescent-onset is much less likely to develop into antisocial personality disorder.

The majority of children and adolescents with this disorder also have a comorbid disorder that aggravates the symptoms. The comorbid conditions include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or AD/HD), Learning Disability (LD), Depression or Anxiety Disorder, Anger Disorder, Communication Disorder, and/or Tourette’s Disorder.  A study involving 236 children with ADD (AD/HD) revealed that 95% of these children had co-morbid conditions of oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, or related behavior issues (Bird, Gould, & Staghezza Jaramillo, 1994). An 8-year follow-up study revealed that 80% of these children still struggled with hyperactivity as adolescents. Additionally, 60% developed severe oppositional defiant disorder or progressed to full-blown conduct disorder.

How Can Brain Changers Help?

These staggering statistics scream loudly that more effective intervention is needed. Brain Changers offers a full range of non-medication Holistic Medicine based treatments that include Neurofeedback, and Counseling. Each of these modalities can be done independently, but the greatest benefit comes from a combination of therapies toward improved health and wellness.

This integrated, holistic approach tackles the family dynamic and offers hope and healing to families battling this disorder. Conduct Disorder affects the entire family; thus, familial healing is necessary during treatment. Children and adolescents gain an increased sense of control over their response to their environment, and they become empowered to make healthier decisions. Additionally, parents learn alternative, effective strategies for improved communication and effective discipline. Through the course of treatment, hope is restored, and healing offers a brighter, happier future for the child and the family!

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