Jessica is a 48 year old successful corporate executive with a husband and 3 children. She has suffered from sleep disorder since graduate school. She reports having had difficulty falling and staying asleep, as well as waking with terrible nightmares at times. Even though she was successful, she realized how hard she was working at staying focused and mentally alert at work in order to get the most simple tasks accomplished. She had also suffered from anxiety and depression, both of which she attributed to the sleep disorder. Over the years, she tried many different medications, but she did not like the side effects. She tried eating healthy and exercise, which did help some, but not even this helped to the extent that she felt she needed.

After much research, she discovered neurofeedback and began her sessions along with counseling. After 3 months, she realized she was not only sleeping better, but she was much less anxious and depressed. Her husband began attending counseling with her, and they were able to resolve issues she had not been able to even discuss prior to the beginning of treatment. After 8 months, Jessica reports that she is “sleeping like a baby,” and her husband is extremely happy that he finally has “the girl I married” back.

Do I have a Sleep Disorder?

Of course, not every patient who undergoes neurofeedback training notices this drastic of an improvement. However, we do find improved outcomes in approximately 85 to 90 percent of our clients. Consistency in treatment and a positive attitude are important for success.

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