anxiety before and after neurofeedback

This 25 year old female was referred to Brain Changers by her parents. As you can see in the illustration above, her qEEG or Brain Map shows significant before and after treatment changes in central and frontal high beta (as seen in the top Brain Map indicated in red). At the beginning of treatment, she had significant central and frontal high beta from 14hz to 30hz. The symptoms she experienced at that time were anxiety, depression, ad/hd , with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. By the time she sought treatment at our clinic, she was unable to work or go to school. She was also on a myriad of psychotrophic medications.

Upon her initial evaluation we performed a computerized continuous performance test to rule out AD/HD. Her scores reflected extremely impaired on 11 of the 28 specific criteria used in determining the disorder. However, after 8 months of Neurofeedback and Counseling sessions, she only had deficits in 3 of the 28 criteria. Each of these three was directly related to visual processing and attention; continued neurofeedback targeted these issues.

She now has a part time job and is looking for full time work. We have worked with her and her psychiatrist and she is now off all her medications. She has joined some social networking groups, and she remains clean and sober.

Here is what her parents have to say:

“As parents, we are so grateful for Stephanie and Mindy and what they have done for our daughter. She has previously been to countless therapists and multiple rehab facilities over the years for substance abuseanxietydepression, and adhd.  We only wish we had known about Dallas Brain Changers sooner! She is finally, with their resources and concern through neurofeedback, biofeedback, and counseling, becoming the woman God intended her to be. We highly recommend them!”

Debbie & Mike

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