At 38, Jeffrey thought he was doing pretty well until his accident. During his afternoon bike workout,  he jumped off his bike and ended up in the surgery room where he had to undergo a second knee operation. The last 5 years had been hard, but he had been trying to get back into shape from his 1st knee surgery. He had found that although the physical recovery had been good, he was struggling emotionally and mentally. He had begun to realize that he needed the pain killers from his knee surgery had become more a habit it ease his anxiety and help him sleep rather than help with knee pain. He was drinking more and his marriage was crumbling down around him if he were to look at it honestly.

He talked to his doctor who recommended neurofeedback and counseling. After 6 months of sessions, Jeffrey feels like a new man. He has made new friends and reconnected with others he had alienated. He felt his life was finally in a forward progressive movement rather than stuck, dull and living a life of lies. He joined AA and remains an active member today.

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