Is it ADD (AD/HD)?

Are you wondering if your child has ADD (AD/HD)? Has a teacher suggested you have him evaluated? Has his doctor put him on medication for ADD? If he is currently on medicine for his symptoms, does the doctor keep adjusting the dose or changing the medication? Do you worry about your child taking medication every day? Are you concerned about the side effects of the medicine or that he will have to take it for the rest of his life?

Many of the clients who come to us with a child who has been diagnosed with ADD have asked these same questions. It is not uncommon for parents to struggle with the diagnosis of ADD and/or giving their child a prescription pill every day for his symptoms. Living with ADD is a family issue; the child’s behaviors affect parents and siblings, and often leave everyone exhausted and frazzled. It is no wonder that so many families choose medication as treatment for these symptoms.

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Brain Changers understands your concerns! We take a different approach to treating this disorder. We utilize a continuous performance test in our office with both children and adults who have been diagnosed with ADD or who suspect this may be an issue. This computerized test is deemed 92.3% accurate in determining if ADD is the cause of symptoms. This is significantly more effective than other evaluation methods that are considered approximately 72% accurate. Additionally, when ADD is the cause of symptoms, this test helps us determine the level of severity and specific types of situations which may exacerbate symptoms.

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The results of this performance test are analyzed in conjunction with the qEEG or Brain Map to determine the cause of symptoms and to develop a treatment plan for neurofeedback. We have consistently found that in approximately 50% of the clients we have treated for ADD, the child or adult was actually dealing with severe anxiety and/or a possible learning disability. By addressing the anxiety or slow processing with neurofeedback therapy, symptoms that were presenting as ADD were significantly reduced or diminished.

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